How To Run Custom App Insights Availability Tests for Private Web Applications

Availability Tests are a great feature of Azure Application Insights. They allow you to set up active black box monitoring from points around the world so that you can measure your application’s responsiveness and availability from outside of your environment. There is one snag however: the built-in availability tests originate from hosts on the public internet which means your web app must be exposed for the tests to succeed.

In this post I’ll show you how you can run your own availability tests from a host with access to your application using PowerShell, and then send the results to App Insights using my module PSCoreAppInsights. The tests could be run by anything that has the ability to run a PowerShell script, however in this example I’ll be using a VNet integrated Azure Function.

Automating Azure Functions Private HTTPS Client Certificates

This post describes an approach for automating the management of private client HTTPS certificates in your Azure Function Apps.

Extracting information from Azure Functions using the REST API

Recently I needed to pull some information out of several Azure Function Apps as a final task in their deployment pipeline and I found that my go-to Azure PowerShell commands did not give me what I needed. This post describes how you can use the Azure REST API when your favourite tools don’t quite cut the mustard.

Hosting this static site: Hugo, Azure Storage, Cloudflare & GitHub Actions

Welcome to my blog!

For my first post I thought I would write about the end-to-end process I followed to get this site online. I’ll be covering local development, initial deployment and setup and finally how I set up a rudimentary CI/CD process using GitHub Actions.